Friday, July 14, 2017

Five Frugal Things Friday

This week, I've tried to be frugal where I can....haven't been as successful as I would like though.  I'm going to own it though and admit it so hopefully I am accountable and do better when o get back from my adventure.

1. Used a coupon at Joanns for a very important sewing notion I needed.  
2.  Resisted the temptation to buy any new clothes for this adventure - and believe me, the temptation has been there on my many trips to buy stuff I had run out of.
3.  Made most meals (except one dinner out w hubby) at home from stuff in the freezer.
4.  Got my awesome Walgreens deals (already posted about). The oxi detergent is ok...I'm glad I didn't pay full price for it, I think I like the arm & hammer the best with our well water and washer.  
5.  Used my Walmart gift card earned by using Ibotta for some last minute things we needed at home before I go. 

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