Tuesday, July 11, 2017

HBO documentary

Did anyone see the HBO documentary "Paycheck to Paycheck"?  If you have Comcast cable it's free priview  week and you can catch it with the On demand option.  

It's about a single mom of 3 kids.  She has a basic job working as an aid in a nursing home down south.  I'm floored that when the showed her filing her income taxes (yes it was a few years ago - less than 5) she still wound up losing her food stamps. Which didn't make sense since the kids dad wasn't paying child support since he was out if work and she was earning less than $20k/year.  Just didn't make sense....
They also showed her spending $80something to get her hair cut & colored as a treat with some if the tax return, I understand wanting to look & feel good, especially when everything else isn't going well...but holy crap!  That's a lot of money - Even today.  

Makes me thankful that hubs has a decent job and I'm not a single mom, because in CT I don't think I could swing it even if the kids went to public school - not with the kinds of jobs I had before I stopped working to raise them.  


  1. Well, even though I could spend $80 on my hair today, and never notice, I won't. Didn't when I worked and made a fairly decent salary, won't now. It's frivolous. Wouldn't allow my kids to either. I think one of the reasons people find themselves in such dire financial straits is that they cannot differentiate needs v. wants, nor have ever learned delayed gratification, nor, do they have any desire to learn. If you're spending $80 on your hair, have a wide screen t.v. with cable, phones for your kids, a pantry full of overpriced cold cereal, and can't figure out where your money goes, then I have no sympathy. Oh, and I never saw the documentary as I won't spring for HBO.

  2. I'm a single mom of 3. I receive no assistance. For about the first year after my divorce, it was paycheck to paycheck for us while I figured out how to balance everything on my own and find my groove. Then it got better. Now (2 years post divorce), I have no debt other than my student loans (I finished my doctorate in January!!), and the one cc I use and pay off monthly to get reward points, and an emergency fund in place. Now I'm working on longer term savings and a down payment for a house.