Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wait!? It's Wednesday?

What a blur the past 5 days have been...
Hubby and kids came home.  Youngest headed back to camp to work for the week. Turns out all good - can count the hours toward volunteer time at school.  So. Saturday was rewashing and repacking.

I've been super busy - Saturday had me at LensCrafters getting my new glasses....only my reading Rx changed not the distance portion.  I wear progressives & have for years!  Well the ones they made Saturday - not cutting it, I tried for 5 days to get them to work, they were rubbing one ear horribly, and the focal points were all screwy.  So back today to pick new frames with longer temples and getting the lenses remade from scratch.  Everyone please say a prayer these work better tomorrow.  I really don't think I have the internal fortitude to wear lined bifocals or deal with them not getting it right again.  

Sunday we cooked & served for the soup kitchen at our church - after getting youngest kid back to camp.  

4th of July we stayed home - slept late, puttered around and then took oldest to dinner.  Didn't even fight crowds for fireworks this year.  

Today I also managed a trip to agway for pet food & hay, Walmart for some items the were out of at the one near LensCrafters on Saturday, the dentist with eldest child and price rite for yogurt and romaine hearts.  I'm whupped. 

Now the week is nearly done. Really strange it's flown by!


  1. I once got glasses (regular, not progressives) at lenscrafters. Not happy with them, I never returned.

  2. I have progressives and never had any fit issues. They need to learn how to measure. Good luck!

  3. I could not use lined glasses since I can barely stand the progressives.