Monday, July 10, 2017

Walgreens deals

I just started checking the Walgreens app.  I can load coupons to my Walgreens card from it.  After dropping oldest off to help on a friends eagle project I stopped at the Walgreens on the way home.  
I found on the app a $5 off 2 head and shoulders shampoo and a $3 off oxiclean detergent.  Well, as luck would have it the detergent was on sale for 3.99 & head and shoulders was onsale 2/$12!  
Using both coupons I was out the door for $8!  I'm so happy!  
$.99 for a bottle of laundry detergent and $3.50 each for the shampoo that helps Youngest's scalp issues. 

Definately check the app out!  It's fantastic

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