Sunday, August 27, 2017

Digging out of the mess

Still cleaning - I worked my butt off after my coffee kicked in yesterday morning....then when oldest bailed on helping and hubby dozed off after running errands with youngest - I stopped.  Counterproductive I know but I'm getting tired of doing the work and wearing myself out so when other are rested they don't understand when I'm tired out.  So I watched the last episode of Hinterland on Netflix. I'm definitely adding Wales to my bucket list if places to see.  I'd love to just wander the coastline with my day pack, jet-boil and coffee and cup-o-soup packs and see it in person with the sea air blowing in my's raw and rough looking country but peaceful looking too.  
I know part of it is the magic of camera lenses and recoloring effects - but still, the scenery looks quiet and broody - neat!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

New To-Do List

As I sip my coffee I'm looking at my summer to do list, it was long!  I'm not adding the incomplete items to my Fall ToDo List. It will become a never ending look of crap to accomplish and source of stress for me.

I'm working on a new format for me.  Dividing the stuff I need to accomplish into categories.  Then prioritizing the items - and I'm delegating the hell out of stuff, pushing crap onto others plates rather than trying to do it all for everyone/group.  If stuff don't get done - Not my problem!  Sounds selfish?  I don't care.  I'm not going to be guilted into feeling bad, not accepting 'I can't help out I work' as an excuse only to see people who can't ever help at school or extra curriculars or church posting on Facebook about dinners out and taking me time etc.  it does take a village but that means everyone helps out.  

Whoa, tangent.....sorry

Priority 1 is getting back into the gainfully employed sector.  This means a trip to see a resume consultant I'm sure.  Starting with a temp service the week after school starts.

Priority 1A. Getting in shape, healthier for me.  Daily workouts/healthier eating

Priority 2 Make time for my family & hobbies, this will happen as I reduce my volunteerism and saying 'sure, I can help with that' every time I'm asked.  My new mantra is "I need to check my calendar and call you tomorrow"

Priority 3. Decluttering - I think I can fill a small dumpster lol!  But seriously. This is never a fun task with my family. Hubs parents were very generous with the kids and toys, but do we really need to keep all of them for eternity?  Hope not because a bunch have to leave - no more space. Same in the office  

Priority 4. Reduce expectations of others.  I will accept that others don't always have the same work ethic as I do for volunteer projects.  I have to learn to accept they work their way and it will have yo be good enough if I don't want to do the work myself (thus only gets relaxed if it's a safety issue with kids)

Priority 5. Get family on board with some home improvement activities, rather than waiting until I'm home for a week in the summer alone go try and tackle them all alone.  

Prepping for school

Holy cow!  It's really here!  The last weekend before school starts...

I think the kids are all set - both are in such deep denial that summer is over they can't focus on getting organized & ready for Tuesday's first day.  

I'm pretty tired of asking them to get organized I'm just enjoying my cup of coffee and planning my day of house cleaning.  My goal is to be sitting in a much tidier house by 9pm tomorrow night so I can watch the season finale of Game of Thrones in peace!  My guilty pleasure - I will be rereading the books until the last season due next year and anticipating G.R.R. Martin to get the latest book finished.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Thursday is a busy day

Busy should help keep my mind on what's important.....

Getting my haircut, fixing Youngest's class schedule at school - it's messed up, like didn't give enough classes for the day - grrrr and PT/Ortho appt for youngest to find out why there is so much pain when running. Spent the summer not running and resting the affected joints as much as possible this summer, in hopes that indoor and spring track seasons are salvageable. Luckily Lyme and arthritis have been ruled out.  

Other than that I have to go to Walmart and staples....yucky but it has to happen.  

Trying to snap out of it!

Wow, the fact school starts in less than a week is really messing with my head.  

I have lists of chores for the kids and I to accomplish and errands to run.  

Biggest chore is they must finish their summer reading work!  Each had 3 books to read and write about.  Youngest got an email yesterday from one of teachers that the first chapter in the text needs to be read, notes and section questions answered.  Can you say flipping out?!  Didn't help that hubby commented about it in front of kiddo and now kiddo is fuming that there is more work to be done and graded on during the summer.  Not a good indication of this year starting out smooth.  

Add to it I looked on the PowerSchool site and they have added another program for us to buy online for English classes (x2 here) so by things to buy are now....

Definite purchases 
Underwear & socks
Uniform pants
School shoes/sneakers
Folders for class materials (at least 12-16 for the year). They're cheapest now...
TI- 84 calculator
2 English online program access codes ($25 each)
1 math online code in lieu of textbook ($50)

Possible purchases
1 chemistry class online code ($32) - checking to see if it's truly necessary 
2 frigging chrome books or laptops in case these online textbooks don't load onto their tablets in the first week.....grrrrrr

I budgeted for textbooks - and did well at the end of year book buy school holds but still spent $200 on new texts needed so these online codes are terribly inconvenient  this week.  

I can't wait to see what kind on nonsense happens the first week of classes....

Im thinking that even though the hours. & pay might be less than ideal I may go to kohls and apply to work there.  It's gotta be better than nothing and having been stay at home as long as I have doesn't help my marketability - even though I have loads of volunteer experiences.  

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Loads on my mind....

So much has been on my mind lately.  It's been a freaking roller coaster summer.  I took a longer than planned break from writing because I've been so busy and trying to solidify stuff at home - many highs and lows the last couple months....feel free to bail out ---

A big low, Youngest has been officially hold no to school if choice. Welcome to reapply after school starts but it's a long shot.  So much for meeting a student where they are and trying to keep kids interested in the learning process do they don't totally check out and quit when old enough.  The states latest blow to municipal aid doesn't help at all.

Before the college search began I had a job interview that seemed to go well which was a high....then found out in social media I didn't get the offer, the interviewers said I would hear by the end of the week I interviewed early in the week.  I found out the day after an offer was extended to another candidate - that happens - but it was a deeper low since I never got a call or anything until a week afterward and only when I saw one of the interviewers in another setting.  Really bummed me out.
Hubby was pretty annoying about the whole thing too, supportive prior to the interview and that was a high....but when the days wore on as I waited for the end of interview week and after I officially found out he was surly and grumpy I didn't get the job.  I mean I feel bad about it too since I thought I had a really good shot at it.  So his mood didn't help.

Kiddos are getting ready for school - sad go see summer go - but getting back to a normal routine will help all of us I'm sure.  

First week back at school is also first week of college class for the oldest - who got into a high school partnership program at the local community college - meaning we only have to buy or rent the textbook for the class and not only will high school credit be earned but an official transcript at the state community college so there will  be 3 college credits earned too!  Also eligible for spring semester too so taking another class then too - hopefully if there is something of interest and transferable.   This is a summer high!  

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Wow...loads of info

My brain is about to explode.  Started the earnest college search last Friday.  This means visits and tours.  We (oldest and I) have hit 5. 1 per day.  Bang for buck, state univ are great.  Housing wise - the 2 private univs we checked are the best!  
We went go one out of state State U where freshmen are almost all in triples - basically a 14X14 room with 3 desks, 2 dressers, set of bunk beds and a high loft (so a desk and dresser can fit under it and 2 armoire type closets....for 3 teens to share. And the room and board there was what a private univ was yesterday...but it's a double and washer/dryers in the dorm are free.  
Once tuition & fees add in that out of state public university is only about $3,000 less than the privates we looked at.

Makes my head spin....taking tomorrow off from it will travel out of state again next week....

Monday, August 7, 2017

One down 3 to go.....

We e survived the first visit of the week to a college.  Univ of New Haven.  Very nice campus, not a huge school but I've heard many good things about it.  Great thing about going to these open house hours is by registering and attending them kiddo can apply for free!  And they are a common app school!  Saves me $50 in application even if it makes the top 10 the application will go in because it's free.  
UCONN, URI and WNE later this week....skipped umass until fall since it didn't make the top 10 list by kiddo.  That's fine - still looking at the SUNY system too....just have to decide which campus has the right program.  I really wish our high school had a more consistent guidance program - staff changes have been frequent over the last 2 years  thru no fault of the school or people - just life gets in the way....makes it tough though when trying to plan or get advice about the college admission & search process.  

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Super busy week planned

This upcoming week will be college visit week.  

Crazy busy days I to see 2 instate and 1 out of state schools.  Trying to talk oldest into Marshall Univ. in WV - as an out of state option....but it's 10+hrs away getting some resistance about the long drive to see it...Maine is still high on the list of strong contenders (on paper that is). As is Three Rivers Community College - for their 2 yr nuclear program....great bargain for 2 years, then transfer to a larger state univ.  

UCONN is on the list this week, UMASS and Univ New Haven too.

Looks like Maine is the top choice so far.  Thankfully there hast been any interest in Ivy Leagues!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Home and hit the ground running

My grand adventure is behind me now.  It was good and I enjoyed myself, learned a lot about my tolerances and what I can do to be a better person.  
1.  Not sweat the small stuff. 
2.  Be thankful my kids are being raised to be self sufficient and resilient young adults
3.  Do my best to help others in need, if they complain it's not enough or good enough - that's their problem. 

Now it's crunch time of summer, last minute dr appointments before school starts & trying sort out where youngest will attend the rest of high school. Feeling very discouraged for this child - options are bleak.  So many in power could give a second chance for success and can't get a break no matter how hard it is asked for.   

Education in our state is in a pickle & And with the state not having a budget - suburban school districts may lose more money for this year so money can get shifted to city schools - it is a big mess!  The state gov't needs to solve this stuff.