Friday, August 4, 2017

Home and hit the ground running

My grand adventure is behind me now.  It was good and I enjoyed myself, learned a lot about my tolerances and what I can do to be a better person.  
1.  Not sweat the small stuff. 
2.  Be thankful my kids are being raised to be self sufficient and resilient young adults
3.  Do my best to help others in need, if they complain it's not enough or good enough - that's their problem. 

Now it's crunch time of summer, last minute dr appointments before school starts & trying sort out where youngest will attend the rest of high school. Feeling very discouraged for this child - options are bleak.  So many in power could give a second chance for success and can't get a break no matter how hard it is asked for.   

Education in our state is in a pickle & And with the state not having a budget - suburban school districts may lose more money for this year so money can get shifted to city schools - it is a big mess!  The state gov't needs to solve this stuff.  

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  1. Glad you had a great time on your adventure! =)
    And, I agree, it can be very challenging to parent a child that doesn't quite fit into the middle of the bell curve! How are these students supposed to value education when they don't feel valued as individuals? Anyway, I'm so sorry you are up against this and truly hope the best outcome for you and your youngest! <3