Monday, August 7, 2017

One down 3 to go.....

We e survived the first visit of the week to a college.  Univ of New Haven.  Very nice campus, not a huge school but I've heard many good things about it.  Great thing about going to these open house hours is by registering and attending them kiddo can apply for free!  And they are a common app school!  Saves me $50 in application even if it makes the top 10 the application will go in because it's free.  
UCONN, URI and WNE later this week....skipped umass until fall since it didn't make the top 10 list by kiddo.  That's fine - still looking at the SUNY system too....just have to decide which campus has the right program.  I really wish our high school had a more consistent guidance program - staff changes have been frequent over the last 2 years  thru no fault of the school or people - just life gets in the way....makes it tough though when trying to plan or get advice about the college admission & search process.  

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