Thursday, August 10, 2017

Wow...loads of info

My brain is about to explode.  Started the earnest college search last Friday.  This means visits and tours.  We (oldest and I) have hit 5. 1 per day.  Bang for buck, state univ are great.  Housing wise - the 2 private univs we checked are the best!  
We went go one out of state State U where freshmen are almost all in triples - basically a 14X14 room with 3 desks, 2 dressers, set of bunk beds and a high loft (so a desk and dresser can fit under it and 2 armoire type closets....for 3 teens to share. And the room and board there was what a private univ was yesterday...but it's a double and washer/dryers in the dorm are free.  
Once tuition & fees add in that out of state public university is only about $3,000 less than the privates we looked at.

Makes my head spin....taking tomorrow off from it will travel out of state again next week....

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